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VFS Global Centres in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

Cape Town clients will still need to apply at Capago in Observatory

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Important Note – Delay – Cost & Payment – Tourism Requirements – Business Requirements – Days Closed – Office Hours – Contact Details

Important Note

Applicants can apply for visas through VFS Global Centres in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

Note: Cape Town clients will still need to apply at Capago in Observatory.

Bookings of the appointment for the submission of application at the Italy Visa Application Centre is available on line Africa or through the relevant VFS Call Centre 012 425 3048.
Cape Town applicants are to schedule an appointment online, please visit

Full list of checklists visit:

The Italian Authorities in South Africa also process short stay visas for Malta 

  • Visas should be obtained prior to departure for Italy/Schengen Countries
  • The Italian Authorities reserve the right on granting & deciding type/duration of visa irrespective of the fees tendered. Visa and Capago fees once tendered are non-refundable even if the visa is refused.
  • Granting of visas does not confer the right of entry and is subject to the discretion of the Immigration Authorities
  • Under section 17 of the Community code visas: “the State or States concerned shall maintain the opportunity for all applicants to lodge applications directly to their Consulates, according to their conditions.”
  • Only visa fees and expenses approved by the Italian Authorities may be requested
  • Your presence is compulsory for biometrics (fingerprints) unless you have had a recent Schengen visa issued, since July 2013 where your biometric data was collected.
  • Children under 12 years old are not required to be present.

The processing time for a Schengen visa depends each individual case. However, applicants should always apply minimum 15 working days before the intended journey.

Applications can NOT be lodged earlier than one month prior to the departure date.

Cost & Payment

VFS fees only:

Visa Category Visa fee in ZAR (per person)
Schengen Visas (C Visa – Short Stay) R972
Schengen Visas (Children between 6-12) R576
VFS Service Fee R191 incl VAT

Capago fees only:
The Visa Fees are set in Euros and the Rand values are subject to changes based on the exchange rate. Therefore the Rand value of the fees might change between the date when you book your appointment and the day you have your appointment. This rule applies as well for the Capago service fee (27 euros).
Payment will be made according to the proforma invoice that will be sent after scheduling an appointment on
the website.

15% VAT Included for Capago services. No VAT applies on Consulate fees

Visa Type Consulate Fees (ZAR) Capago Fees (ZAR)
Short Stay Schengen Adult (over 12 years) R987.00 394.71
Short Stay Schengen Minor (6 – 12 years) R576.00 394.71
Short Stay Child (under 6 years) Free Free

Additional services
In addition to processing your visa application Capago offers a range of additional services which can be selected when applying. The prices of those services are not subject to the exchange rate.

Description Price (ZAR)
Delivery service
Counter Passport delivery service at a PostNet branch nearest to you through our PostNet Partner


220 (other state)

VIP Appointment: Premium Lounge

  • High quality of comfort
  • 100% professional guidance
  • Free Wi-fi
ID Photo
Capago provides photos which are 100% compliant with the Schengen requirements and Int’l Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standards, printed on quality gloss paper using biometric technology.
SMS Follow-up
You will receive an SMS notification informing you of each status change with your application, from submission through to collection.
Document Printing
Print your documents from our offices

The proof of payment must be inserted in your file the day of your appointment. No file will be sent to the Consulate without payment. You may pay as follows:

  1. Electronic transfer bank to bank EFT (Recommended)
  2. Cash deposit at any FNB branches (Capago does not accept cash at its premises)
  3. Debit or credit card on premises (No American Express nor Diners)

(Extra charges of 2.5% (administration fee), will apply to all payments made to Capago International not including EFT’s.

EFT payment instructions:
Capago recommend that you process your payment before your appointment via EFT. You will receive a booking confirmation with your tracking number. You will be able to access an estimate of the fees on your booking confirmation page.

Take into consideration that inter-bank transfer may take 48 hours before reflecting on our account.

Please process your EFT using the following information:

  • Account Holder name: Capago South Africa (Pty) LTD
  • Bank Name: First National Bank
  • Branch Name: Wierda Valley
  • Branch Code: 250655
  • Account Number: 62330755523
  • Reference: please use the tracking number sent to you via email.
Tourism Requirements

For all Tourism visa cases please provide the following standard documents (equal to or less than 90 days)

  • Passport – Cannot be older than 10 years and must be valid for at least 3 months from date of return with 2 valid blank pages. Copies of previous Schengen visas that have been issued in last three years to be submitted.
  • Schengen Application Form – All necessary fields to be completed (online form recommended for better legibility, please print and bring it to appointment, alternatively download the form. Form MUST be signed by applicant. In case of minors form MUST be signed by one of the parents.
  • 2 Recent colour ID photos taken within past 6 months as required by Schengen standards. Photos can be taken at Capago office (Cpt only). Background must be white.
  • Proof of transport: Copies of return flight bookings from South Africa as well as entry into Italy or other Schengen countries must be provided with name of applicant on booking.
  • International Health Insurance – One or two page health insurance policy certificate to be provided, (Schedule of benefits, policy wording or claim form is not required). Must display name of insured person; policy number, amount of cover which should be for at least 30,000 €; duration of cover. Insurance must provide for evacuation, repatriation and emergency transportation as well as emergency in/out of hospital medical treatment.
  • Proof of accommodation: Official proof of hotel reservation in Italy (must be supplied on the hotel’s official letterhead). Agents are advised to submit both the Tour Operator (TO) voucher and the confirmation from the hotelCopies of accommodation bookings / tours for the period of stay in the Schengen area. Applicants hosted by friends or family must have a Host Declaration / Lettera D’Invito form completed by their host and accompanied by a copy of their ID.
  • Proof of Funds: Recent 3 months bank statements or credit card statements or forex receipt (full name of applicant must appear). Approximately 30 euros per day. Dependents who are sponsored will require a letter from their parent or spouse accompanied with a copy of their bank statements and ID.
  • Proof of employment (if applicable): Confirmation of employment on company letter head and pay slip if applicable. If owner of company, provide the company registration documents, or SARS tax returns.
  • Proof of residence: A recent utility bill showing names and physical address of applicant.
  • For Minors, please add:
  • Parental Consent- Only if one or neither of the parents are travelling with the minor (up to 18 years) This document is downloadable and mandatory for travelling minors. It must be signed in person by both the parents/legal guardians at the Capago Visa Application Centre. Please attach to this form: Unabridged Birth Certificate, copies of the parent’s passports and the flight tickets of the accompanying parent(s). One of the parents must also please provide their employment letter and 3 months banks personal statements. If parents cannot provide their signed passport copies they may submit a copy of their temporary passport or their SA driver’s licence. If one parent is out of the country and thus unable to be present, they must add an affidavit from the commissioner of oaths explaining the reason for their absence.
  • Unabridged Birth Certificate: Please provide copy of Unabridged Birth Certificate which shows names of both parents and child. If no Unabridged Birth Certificate, provide an Abridged as well as receipt from Home Affairs of an application for an Unabridged Birth Certificate as well as an affidavit from both biological parents.
  • Letter from School/University/College – A signed letter declaring that applicant is a pupil/student currently registered at the School/University/College.
  • Letter of Responsible Adult of School Group (For Cultural tour groups only) Letter from school or organisational body confirming the identity of the adult(s) accompanying the tour that will be responsible for the school group and list all scholars in the tour group.
  • Proof of payment: Capago operates a cashless system and only accepts EFT transactions, credit/debit cards payments (can be done on-site) or cash deposits made at any FNB branch. Regrettably Diners, American Express cards, cheques and cheque deposits are not accepted. Please see website for further conditions.
Business Requirements

All documents listed under the standard tourism and adult tourism requirements (equal to or less than 90 days)

  • Proof of business invitation: Travel agenda indicating scheduled business meetings or letter of invitation from an Italian Company (Lettera d’Affari) including necessary attachments (ID, Visura Camerale)
Days Closed 2019:
 01 Jan / 21 Mar / 19, 22 Apr / 01 May / 17 Jun / 09 Aug / 24 Sep / 16, 25, 26 Dec
Capago: 01 Jan / 21 Mar / 19, 22 Apr / 01 May / 17 Jun / 09 Aug / 24 Sep / 16, 25, 26 Dec
VFS: 22, 25, 27 Apr / 01 May / 02 Jun / 24 Sep / 16, 25, 26 Dec
Office Hours

09h00-11h30 Mon, Thu, Fri
09h00-11h30 and 14h00-16h00 Wed
Tue – Closed


09h00-11h30 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri (applications)
14h00-16h00 Mon (visa collection)
Wed – closed to public

Cape Town
09h00-11h30 Mon, Tue, Fri
09h00-12h00/14h00-16h00 Wed
Thursday – closed to public

Capago – 08h00-17h00 Mon to Fri
Note: Applicants will only be allowed to enter premises 15 minutes prior to appointment
08h00-16h30 Mon to Fri (Collections)

VFS: 08h00 – 12h30 and 13h30 – 15h00 Mon – Fri (Submissions)
10h00 – 12h30 and 13h30 – 16h00 Mon – Fri (Passport Collection)

Contact Details
Consulate-General of Italy (Johannesburg)
Telephone No : (011) 728 1392/3
Fax No : (011) 728 3834
Street Address : No 37, 1st Avenue, (Cnr. 2nd Street) Houghton Estate, 2196
Postal Address : P.O. Box 46306, Orange Grove 2119
Website :
Email :


Consulate of Italy (Cape Town)
Telephone No : (021) 487 3900
Fax No : (021) 424 0146
Street Address : 2 Grey’s Pass – Gardens, Cape Town 8001
Postal Address : P.O. Box 15865 – Vlaeberg, 8018
Email :
Website :


The Italian Embassy (Pretoria)
Telephone No : (012) 423 0000 /24/ 25
Fax No : (012) 430 5547
Street Address : 796 George Avenue, Arcadia Pretoria 0083
Email Address :
Website Address :


Capago Application Centre
Telephone No : 087 231 0313
Website :
Email :
Street Address (Cpt) : Ground Floor, Old Warehouse Building, Black River Park South, 2 Fir Street, Obeservatory, Cape Town, 7925


VFS Application Centre
Telephone No : 012 425 3048
Website : Africa
Email :
Street Address (Jnb) : Alice Lane, 3rd Floor, North West Wing, Corner 5th Street and Alice Lane, Sandhurst, Sandton
Street Address (Pry) : Capital Junction, 1st Floor, 1226 Francis Baard Street, Hatfield, Pretoria
Street Address (Dur) : Suite 407, 4th Floor, Medstone Medical Centre, 1 Umhlanga Ridge, Boulevard, Umhlanga, Durban