Tuscan Splendors for a day

Tuscan Splendors for a Day

1 day trip

Interested in the Tuscan Splendors Getaway ( 5 day trip)? Follow this link

If you have already set up your trip with accommodation and logistics make your vacation more interesting by exploring the region with a professional guide. You can plan with us one or more guided days. For instance you can combine one day in Chianti area with another day in Valdorcia – Pienza or Montalcino.




1 Day


2+ on a base of 1=easy to 5=strenuous


lodging and lunch are not included in the price

Florence (FLR) and Rome (FCO)
yes: Tuscany, Amalfi, Sicily, Umbria & Le Marche

Chianti 1 day walking tour

Let us take you to walk through trails surrounded by vineyards. The hike is on gentle terrain. You just need your small backpack to carry some water. We think of all the rest. After a couple of hours walk we can stop at a small Chianti wine producer. We incorporate in our hikes small producers so that you will get to talk to the people that actually stick their hands into the barrels and grapes. You will find meeting the owners of the small wineries so personable.
After the visit to the winery we stop at a restaurant that serves local food. In the afternoon we continue the hike according to the distance that you are comfortable with.

San Gimignano 1 day walking tour

It is a great experience. It allows to learn about history of this stunning medieval town. The views are amazing. After having walked in the old town we immerse ourselves in the surrounding countryside. The walk overlooks the towers of San Gimignano from the distance. The effort that we make to complete this easy hike is rewarded by stopping at a farmhouse that serves fresh al fresco local organic food. Another easy walk will follow after lunch.

Pienza and Valdorcia 1 day walking tour

Valdorcia is included in the Unesco Heritage site list. This happens for a very good reason: the landscape has inspired the reinassance painters.
When you walk through the paths of Valdorcia you feel exactly like living in a postcard of Tuscany: cypress trees, lush wheat fields, rolling hills.
Valdorcia also is well know for great food: truffle, handmade pasta (called pici) and good pecorino sheep cheese.
This tour is a must if you want to know better the off-the -beaten-path Tuscany.


Walk about Tuscany (Monica, South Africa) Loved this tour and would highly encourage others to go. Our guides Gianni and Sara were great, everything ran smoothly from day one. Excellent choices of hotels, restaurants and walking trails. The perfect size group, lots of laughs and good memories. Looking forward to the next one. Grazie, Monica

The Only Way to Experience the Hilltop Towns of Tuscany! (Joe and Mila, USA)
My husband and I spent 7 days in September walking the Tuscan Hills with Gianni and Rudy. Truly one of our best and most memorable travel experiences. If you want to see a beautiful country from off the beaten path with a guide that shares his vast knowledge of the food, wine, history, and geology of the Tuscan Hills – go on this trip! Gianni’s love of his country is so strong – that you cannot help leaving this country sharing his love. His choice of lodging, restaurants, and walking trails were just perfect. As I read my journal from our trip almost 3 months ago it brings a smile to my face as I relive those treasured moments of hiking beautiful vineyard hillsides, making pasta at a local restaurant, listening to arias from well known Italian operas, drinking glorious wines with local wine makers, eating fabulous foods, learning about making cheese, doing yoga in a beautiful vineyard and listening to Gianni play his flute. I could go on, however my strong advice is to experience this yourself – it is truly the only way to visit the hills of Tuscany and its beautiful historic towns. Gianni is not only a true professional but also a charismatic, intelligent man who has an incredible understanding of the culture of his country. Gianni’s organizational skills and ability to relate to all his guests was a large part in making this trip so memorable and enjoyable.

Under the Tuscan Sun…and a big black cloud but only once (Linda M., Canada)
I have just returned from 8 fabulous days with Walk About Tuscany hosted by Gianni and Rudy and helped by their hard working transportation crew who ensured we were picked up on time, we traveled safely and no luggage was lost. Congrats to them. I was in a group of 16, coming from many parts of the world and put together by chance. We were treated to a Tuscan experience which will, for me, remain a memory for years to come. We saw everything; from the hill top towns to the wheat fields, from the vineyards to the olive groves, from the churches to the abbeys to the quaint shops and cobblestone streets and each day was a different adventure. We got up close and personal with the Tuscan people, sharing their food, their wines, and learning about their way of life. This was also a walking tour and, boy, did we walk (so sturdy shoes are recommended). It is estimated we covered close to 100 miles, some easy trails, some more challenging climbs. If anyone in the group fell behind or needed time to catch a breath, there was always someone available for company. We were never rushed but there were times we had to be gently reminded that we have a date for lunch or for a wine tasting and we should try not to keep our hosts waiting. We learned so much during each walk; Gianni and Rudy switching back and forth to cover the plantlife and the wildlife not to mention the history of each place we visited. I often wondered…how do these guys know all this stuff!! And in case you think it was all serious business, nothing could be farther from the truth. We had many moments of fun and laughter and even a couple of flute recitals just for a change of pace!! In the end, I have Gianni to thank for this experience. His thoughtful organization and attention to detail were key in delivering a superb product, a memorable adventure and a trip of a lifetime. Walk About Tuscany is highly recommended! Grazie, Gianni

The Best Way to See Italy (Paula M., Oregon, USA)
Forget Rick Steves and sign on with Gianni for a wonderful exploration of some of the best Italy has to offer–countryside, history, food, and people. Gianni’s deep knowledge of all these adds so much richness to the experience of walking through picturesque medieval towns and gorgeous rolling hillsides of vineyards, fields and orchards. The accommodations were comfortable and centralized, often with wonderful views. Some of the food will absolutely spoil you for ever eating “Italian” food at home again. And the people we met through farm, winery and other small business visits were perhaps the best of all–passionate about the food they grow and so willing to share their experience. Although this was a tour through the areas surrounding Siena, Montalcino and Pienza, Gianni offers tours in other areas and I would expect the same high level of engagement and effort to provide unique experiences. Truly exceeded my expectations!

The unforgetable Tuscany (Paul L., Jakarta, Indonesia)
I am so amazed with Gianni who operated our tour with his in-depth knowledge of every single steps and buildings around Tuscany. Not to mention his creativeness in every moments of our walks. You will have great lunches and dinners with lots of special-2-thumbs-up wines. We also visit Olive Oil producer and given sampler at which is the best (and fresh) olive oil that I had ever tasted ! The scenery view is very awesome, just like the post card. Highly recommended and wouldn’t mind to do this tour again.

Simply the Best! (Susan, Oakville, Canada)
What an amazing and unforgettable experience! Our 8 day walk about Tuscany was like a walk through wonderland. Gianni somehow made each day better than the last. The scenery was magical, the food was incredible and the wine beyond words… Gianni’s vast knowledge and passion is undeniable. He is truly one of a kind as were the places we had the pleasure to visit (wineries, olive oil producer, cheese farm etc.). This is without a doubt the best way to see Italy. We had so much fun!

Group Tour of Tuscany Hill Towns with Walk About Tuscany Tours (Anne from Evanston, Illinois, USA)
I had a marvelous time on this trip. Our guide, Gianni, provided gorgeous walks and unique experiences with local organic producers of wine, produce, cheese, and olive oil. Definitely experiences I couldn’t have had without his guidance and that helped me to appreciate what makes this region unique. Gianni is knowledgeable and expended every effort to ensure that our trip was memorable and unique. We walked, ate very well, drank wonderful wines and learned a great deal about this region of Tuscany and why it is among the most delightful of all Italy.


Number of guests cost per day for the whole group
1 person   280 euro
2 persons 300 euro
3 persons 330 euro
4 persons  360 euro

More people? Let us know.

ask us in which dates you want to travel (anytime during the year)

snapshots from the tour