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My name is Gianni Stanghellini. I am a Ph.D. geologist. I have been working on Italy guided walking tour business for 18 years. I was born and raised in Siena, a medieval town in Tuscany, Italy. I live and work in Siena still as I have never found a good reason to leave this beautiful place.

Tuscany and much more

We focus on very few areas to provide the best Italy guided walking tour: Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, SicilyUmbria, Assisi & Le MarcheWe believe that these 4 areas well represent the Italian beauty. All different from each other. All amazing to visit.

Walk About Italy is a small business that hires only locals

First of all we hire only local guides and drivers. Secondly we go to small family-owned restaurants. Furthermore we visit small farms where you can talk to the farmers. Finally we provide contact with the locals as much as we can.

A true Italian experience

Certainly we will show you around the places where we would take our family and friends. We strongly believe this is the best way to deliver a true Italian experience. Just choose your Italy guided walking tour between Tuscany, Amalfi CoastSicily and Umbria, Assisi & Le Marche. We will think of all the rest.

The hidden Italy

We are so excited to announce our new project: every year we will launch a new undiscovered destination. In 2020 it will be the turn of Umbria & Le Marche. It looks like Tuscany but…it’s different.

“The traveler sees what he sees; the tourist sees what he has come to see”. G.K. Chesterton

Tuscany guided walking tours


Walk from hamlet to hamlet. You will fall in love with architecture, history,  wines and food. Breath the enchanted atmosphere of Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza. Certainly If you have never been to Italy you cannot miss this trip.

amalfi coast guided walking tours


Trails with sea view. Local food and wines. Off-the-beaten-track places. Furthermore traditional dance and music show. 4 starred hotels. Ceramic hands-on lesson. The ruins of Pompeii and much more!

sicily guided walking tours


From the streets and alleys of Siracusa/Ortigia to the natural reserve of Vendicari. From the traditional music Tarantella to the quietness of the Island of Salina. Food. Wine. They all will make this trip a memorable experience.

sicily guided walking tours


It’s the undiscovered part of the country. Amazing hamlets, lovely woods, delicious food, good people.

2019 tours by date

August 30 – September 6, 2019 TUSCANY

September 1-7, 2019 SICILY & AEOLIAN ISLANDS

September 8-15, 2019 TUSCANY

September 22-28, 2019 (special departure) SICILY & AEOLIAN ISLANDS

September 30 – October 7, 2019 TUSCANY

October 9-16, 2019 -it can be combined with Amalfi October 16-22, 2019 TUSCANY

October 16-22, 2019 – it can be combined with Tuscany October 9-16, 2019 AMALFI

2020 tours by date

April 12-18, 2020 SICILY & AEOLIAN ISLANDS

April 16 – 22, 2020  AMALFI

May 1 – 7, 2020 UMBRIA, ASSISI & LE MARCHE

May 3-10, 2020 TUSCANY

May 10 – 16, 2020

May 28 – June 3, 2020 SICILY & AEOLIAN ISLANDS

June 7-14, 2020 TUSCANY

June 14 – 20, 2020  AMALFI

September 6-13, 2020 TUSCANY

September 14 – 20, 2020 AMALFI

September 23-29, 2020 SICILY & AEOLIAN ISLANDS

September 27 – October 4, 2020 TUSCANY

September 28 – October 4, 2020 UMBRIA, ASSISI & LE MARCHE

October 5 – 11, 2020 AMALFI

October 10 – 16, 2020 UMBRIA, ASSISI & LE MARCHE


Book two trips (back to back or within the same year) and receive 100€ discount on each trip. It cannot be accumulated with other discounts. 

  • Umbria May 1-7, 2020 – Amalfi May 10-16, 2020 (3 night gap)
  • Tuscany May 3-10, 2020 – Amalfi May 10-16, 2020
  • Sicily May 28 – June 3, 2020 – Tuscany June 7-14, 2020                   (4 night gap)
  • Tuscany June 7-14, 2020 – Amalfi June 14-20, 2020
  • Tuscany September 6-13, 2020 – Amalfi September 14-20, 2020 (1 night gap)
  • Amalfi September 14-20, 2020 – Sicily September 23-29, 2020     (3 night gap)
  • Tuscany September 27 – October 4, 2020 – Amalfi October 5-11, 2020 (1 night gap) 
  • Umbria September 28 – October 4, 2020 – Amalfi October 5-11, 2020 (1 night gap)

    The nights of gap are not included.
    We will provide suggestions for places to visit and stay in between the two tours.



Did you travel with us in 2017 or 2018 for at least 7 days? Enjoy 150€ ENCORE DISCOUNT for 2019 trips (valid for 2 years from the date of travel)
It cannot be accumulated with other discounts


Dan's and Beth's Tuscany journal


by Catherine Van Brunschot, a Calgary -based food
and travel writer and a regular contributor to Taste &
Travel International. 

Fun in Tuscany
This was an amazing tour. Walking in Tuscany, every day was different and so enjoyable. The value for money was fantastic even for South Africans with our bad exchange rate. The food and typical Tuscan experiences were so varied and always far better than expected; from wine tasting to cooking classes, to meeting Italian families and eating in their homes and small hotels, the whole experience was so much fun. A holiday I will never forget

Amanda M. (Durban, South Africa)

Superb walking tour experience
This tour was extraordinary and exceeded all my expectations. The guides, Gianni Stanghellini and Sara, were kind, thoughtful, extremely well-organized, very knowledgeable about the region, and sensitive to members’ particular needs. The hotels were wonderful; the food delicious; and the activities/stops all interesting, welcoming and informative. All practical arrangements were virtually flawless. A lovely mixtures of guided time and activities and time to explore on our own. And an overall atmosphere of humor and good-fellowship.

Mark K., Northampton (MA) USA