why us?

Walking tour specialists since 1999

My name is Gianni Stanghellini and I am the owner of Walk About Italy. I have a degree in geology and I have been a nature guide since 1999. After working many years as a guide and also in the back stage of the travel industry for foreign walking tour companies, I earned my Tour Organizer business license.

In 2012 I decided to open my travel agency because I felt the desire to make tours by adding everything I loved to do, the way I love to do it: walking in nature, sharing this experience with others and to be “light”, “leggero” in Italian.

I love the country where I live and I love my job which allows me to meet new people. The chosen itineraries avoid places crowded by mass tourism and allow you to walk through cities and paths in nature that give you an authentic experience.

A responsible way of travelling

We are all Italian local fun professional guides, with great passion and competence in our work. Having a local guide means not only having a reference point for any information or need but above all making you experience the territory by deepening history, traditions and curiosities. The human relationship is irreplaceable, made up of exchanging stories between you and us.

We employ small local businesses: we visit farms where we can talk to farmers, we go to family-run hotels and restaurants, only local drivers. Local activities support the local economy: a great value for the whole community.

Slow pace

Every day we take relaxed walks in breathtaking places with lots of stops for guide commentaries, coffee, special activity, photos!

Special activity

By designing tours with walks, tastings, workshops, music, meetings with the locals, we have set ourselves the goal not only to visit Italy, but to make my beloved guests experience it. Participating in organized activities means getting in touch with local suppliers, being able to talk to each other and deepen the history of their business.

Gastronomic experience

You cannot say that you have known Italy without enjoying its cuisine! Typical products and local food play a central role in our tours and there is no shortage of opportunities to taste delicious traditional dishes and wine.

Taste a glass of Brunello di Montalcino in Giacomo’s vineyard in Tuscany, enjoy a pleasant restaurant that serves truffle in Umbria, stop at a farmhouse where they serve typical appetizers (caponata, artichokes, frittata) and grilled meats in Sicily, learn how to make (and taste!) mozzarella in Raffaella’s farm on the Amalfi coast!

Small group

The group in not larger than 18

Best price tours. Land service is all-inclusive.

During our tour you just need to pay for a couple of dinners, all the rest is included!