Are you one of the million people who have been bewitched by the beautiful atmosphere and scenaries seen in the TV serie White Lotus? Taormina, Palermo, Cefalù, Noto, Mount Etna. All spectacular locations.

according to us at Walk About Italy and to our philosophy of travel, there are  two cumbersome absentee in the show: Sicilian cuisine and Sicilian traditions.
You cannot come all the way from overseas and make yourself content with just standard meals of continental cuisine,  they never go out for dinner to check out some “trattoria” or “street food”.

How can you have eggs, waffle and exotic fruit for breakfast and miss out on the luscious “granita sicilana con brioche”???   Where are the Caponata, le Arancine (or Arancini depending if you have them in Palermo or Catania), la Pasta alla Norma….just to mention a few examples of the island’s cuisine. 

Don’t take us wrong! We also loved the craziness in the White Lotus season 2, but definitely you cannot say that you have known Sicily without enjoying its cuisine! Typical products and local food play a central role in our tours and there is no shortage of opportunities to taste delicious traditional dishes and wine.

Sandra, Tour Assistant at Walk About Italy